Otological and Visual Implications of Diabetes Mellitus in North Indian Population

  • Prateek Roy
  • Manish ChandraEmail author
  • Anupam Mishra
  • Veerendra Verma
  • K. K. Sawlani
  • H. P. Singh
  • Sunil Kumar
  • Sandeep Saxena
  • A. B. Singh
  • Shivani Pandey
  • Kauser Usman
  • Pramod Kumar
  • D. Himanshu
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The worldwide population of diabetic patients is increasing alarmingly with India claiming number one position. It causes irreversible damage to cochlear hair cells, vestibular apparatus, visual pathway, nephrons, nerves, if not checked in time. A total of 188 patients of diabetes mellitus were included in this prospective study. The patients underwent routine anamnesis, hearing handicap inventory and dizziness handicap inventory assessment along with clinical examination for audiological, vestibular, neurological and ophthalmological (fundoscopy) status. In our study a sensorineural hearing loss, retinopathy, neuropathy, vestibulopathy was seen in diabetic patients.


Hearing loss Vestibulopathy Retinopathy Nephropathy Diabetes mellitus 



The present manuscript is the thesis work done in the department under the Chief guidance of Prof (Dr.) Anupam Mishra.

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