Ancient Schwannoma: A Rare Intramural Intra-lingual Lesion

  • T. Shashikumar
  • J. S. TejaswiniEmail author
  • Shama Bellad
  • Priti S Hajare
  • Ramesh S Mudhol
  • Samanvaya Soni
  • Kshitija Pathak
Clinical Report


Ancient schwannoma is an uncommon schwannoma variant which is a benign tumour of Schwann cell origin. It is relatively a rare tumour (25%) in the head and neck region. It is encapsulated and well demarcated from the surrounding tissues. A 35 years old patient in this case presented with painless swelling of the tongue. Trans-oral excision of the intramural lesion was performed. Histopathological and immuno-histochemistry confirmed the diagnosis of schwannoma. This case is of interest on account of the complexity of its diagnosis and the atypical site, that is, intra-mural, of appearance of a schwannoma.


Ancient schwannoma Tongue swelling Intramural intra-lingual mass Antoni A, Antoni B bodies 


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  • J. S. Tejaswini
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  • Shama Bellad
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  • Priti S Hajare
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  • Ramesh S Mudhol
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  • Samanvaya Soni
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  • Kshitija Pathak
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  1. 1.Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck SurgeryJawaharlal Nehru Medical CollegeBelgaumIndia

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