Lethal Midline Granuloma: An Enigma in Diagnosis—A Rare Case Report

  • K. C. Prasad
  • N. HarshithaEmail author
  • T. R. Harshita
  • D. Aishwarya Raj Pillai
  • H. S. Brindha
Clinical Report


Lethal midline granuloma is a rare disease, characterised by progressive unrelenting necrosis and mutilation of nose, midline facial tissues and other respiratory passages. This particular type of disease is heterogeneous in its pathogenesis, non-specificity of symptoms obscures timely and correct diagnosis and is responsible for delay in of treatment which can be detrimental as this disease calls for immediate intervention. We present a case report of 60 year old female who gave short one-month history of clinical symptoms.


Lethal mid line granuloma T cell lymphoma Chronic non specific inflammation Lymphocytic infiltrate 



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