Quality of Life in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

  • Yojana Sharma
  • Girish Mishra
  • Vibhuti ParikhEmail author
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To assess the quality of life in head and neck cancer patients and the various factors which affect the quality of life in head and neck cancer patients was the main aim of the study. A prospective longitudinal study with a sample size of 130 patients was done within the time period of one and a half years. Patients with biopsy proven squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck were treated as per their treatment protocol either by combined modality or single modality. Follow up at the completion of treatment was done and the quality of life questionnaire was filled out. QoL was assessed pre-treatment and at 4 times at different stages of follow up period. Demographic data was also taken into consideration for comparison which showed that head and neck cancer is more common in the males (80%) between the age group of 35–50 years, chronic tobacco chewers (45%) with most common site of cancer being the oral cavity (61%). Majority of the patients presented at Stage IV of their disease (35%) with largest HRQoL changes seen within the first three months after commencement of treatment. The most debilitating modality of treatment was Surgery + CTRT. Detailed assessment of the various factors which hamper the QoL in head and neck cancer patients should be done by which we can provide quality care and a completely new view into the health care experience and improving patient satisfaction.


Quality of life Head and neck cancer Squamous cell carcinoma 


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