Pre-auricular Sinus with Post-auricular Extension: An Uncommon Variant

  • Chiranjib Das
  • Ajoy KhaowasEmail author
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Pre-auricular sinus usually presents in front of the auricle without any diagnostic dilemma. But confusion arises when it presents with post-auricular swelling, abscess or discharging sinus. Here we describe series of pre-auricular sinus with post-auricular extension, a “variant type” of pre-auricular sinus and their management. A prospective study was done in the department of ENT in a tertiary care hospital of West Bengal from April 2015 to March 2018. After control of infection and proper pre-operative investigations patients, sinus was excised using bi-directional approach. The sinus tract along with a thin rim of conchal cartilage and pre and post-auricular cuff of skin was excised in toto. Among 76 cases of pre-auricular sinus, seven had “variant type”. There were five males and two females in the variant group. Five patients were in the first decade of life and two patients were in the second decade of life. Four patients presented with post-auricular scar, two patients presented with post-auricular discharging sinus and one patient presented with post-auricular abscess. Wound healing was perfectly normal in all patients. None had recurrence till 1 year follow up. Pre-auricular sinus may present as “variant type” with post-auricular abscess or discharging sinus. So when a patient presents with post-auricular abscess or discharging sinus, pre-auricular region and pinna should be examined carefully. This helps to avoid unnecessary investigations and interventions which only complicate future management of these patients.


Pre-auricular sinus Variant type Recurrence Bi-directional approach 


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  2. 2.KPC Medical CollegeKolkataIndia

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