A Rare Case of Primary Tuberculous Otitis Media with Bezold’s Abscess

  • Sudhagar EswaranEmail author
  • Sunil Kumar
  • Poornima Kumar
Clinical Report


Tuberculous Otitis Media is a rare clinical presentation. The signs and symptoms are variable that leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment. Persistent ear discharge not responding to topical and systemic antibiotics should be considered for investigation of tuberculosis. We report a case of Primary Tuberculous Otitis Media who presented with Bezold’s Abscess. Patient underwent Mastoidectomy. Diagnosis was made with the Histopathological examination of the suspicious extensive pale granulation tissue. Patient was started on ATT immediately. Greater awareness regarding the disease is needed to make an early diagnosis. Late diagnosis increases the risk of complications. Anti Tubercular Therapy is the treatment of choice. Surgical intervention may be added to drug therapy. In cases with complications, radical surgery will be needed. Bezold’s abscess is a rare complication of Otitis Media. CT imaging should be considered in suspected neck abscess patients with history of ear discharge to rule out aural cause of abscess.


Primary Tuberculous Otitis Media Acute Mastoiditis Bezold’s Abscess ATT Modified Radical Mastoidectomy 


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