Longus Colli Tendinitis: The Lost Twin of Retropharyngeal Abscess

  • Paresh Pramod NaikEmail author
  • Nishanth Savery
  • Linu Kuruvilla
  • Gopinath Nayakar
  • T. Raghul
Clinical Report


Longus colli calcific tendinitis is a rare condition which mimics the alarming condition, retropharyngeal abscess. Clinically, the patient presents which acute cervical pain, dysphagia and fever. Since this condition is little known to otorhinolaryngologists, it is usually misdiagnosed as a retropharyngeal abscess which is more common. This is a case report of a 52 year old female who presented with complaints of neck pain and difficulty in swallowing along with fever which were acute in onset. Clinically, the symptoms overlapped with those of a retropharyngeal abscess. The diagnosis was confirmed as longus colli calcific tendinitis. Longus colli calcific tendinitis is a rare entity which can be diagnosed solely based on radiological investigation. The knowledge of this disease is crucial to otorhinolaryngolists as it avoids over treatment, unwarranted chance surgical exposure.


Longus colli tendinitis Retropharyngeal abscess Neck pain Dysphagia 



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