Fronto Ethmoidal Mucocele Associated with Type 4 Kuhn Cells

  • K. C. Prasad
  • M. B. SwapanthiEmail author
  • P. K. Anjali
  • K. Prathyusha
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A mucocele is an epithelial lined mucous containing sac completely filling the sinus and capable of expansion. We report a case with unilateral frontoethmoidal mucocele in relation with type IV Kuhn cell. A 26 year old man came to the ENT department at SDUMC, Tamaka, Kolar, presenting complaints of proptosis of left eye since 3 years. After detailed examination and investigations patient was Diagnosed to have mucocele of left frontoethmoidal region. Intraoperatively we found a rare picture of type IV kuhn cells completely seated in the frontal sinus. After externally assisted modified Lothrop’s approach, marsupialization of mucocele was done in the nasal cavity and symptoms of the patient relieved. We state that, in cases of frontoethmoidal mucocele, externally assisted modified Lothrop procedure offers an alternative for endoscopic management of frontoethmoidal mucocele for the complete clearance of disease.


Frontal ethmoidal modified Lothrop’s approach Marsupialisation Type 4 khun cells Draft IIb 


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  • M. B. Swapanthi
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  • P. K. Anjali
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  • K. Prathyusha
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