Endoscopic Removal of Intranasal Supernumerary Tooth: A Case Report

  • Himani IndeewarEmail author
  • Sunil Narayan Dutt
Clinical Report


The presence of an ectopic tooth into the nasal cavity is unusual. It can be supernumerary, deciduous or permanent. It is important to identify it early to prevent complications such as epistaxis, paranasal sinusitis, nasal septal deviation, nasal septal abscess, and oral-nasal fistula. The diagnosis of nasal teeth is mainly based on clinical and radiographic examination. Treatment is early extraction and endoscopy gives good illumination and helps in easy and precise dissection which is better than old morbid traditional techniques. We report a case of a female presenting with nasal obstruction and foul smell, diagnosed with nasal tooth and successfully removed with endoscopic approach.


Supernumerary Nasal tooth Endoscopy 


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