Branchial Cyst with Branchial Fistula: A Rare Association

  • B. Sumana
  • K. Sahaja
  • B. Kalyani
  • K. Swarupa
  • V. R. K. RaoEmail author
Clinical Report


Branchial arch anomalies are the most common congenital neck masses. The second branchial arch anomalies followed by first arch anomalies are seen commonly in the descending order. They originate from remnants of branchial arches and clefts. They may present as cysts, sinus tracts, fistulae or cartilaginous remnants. They are mostly located in the lateral aspect of the neck anterior to the sternocleidomastoid, anterior to the hyoid bone, preauricular region or at the angle of the mandible. A complete fistula communicating with a branchial arch cyst is a very rare congenital anomaly of the branchial apparatus. These patients are generally asymptomatic but may present with mucoid discharge from the tract. Here we present a case of branchial fistula associated with a branchial cyst in a 11 year old child.


Branchial arches Branchial cleft cyst Branchial cleft sinus Sternocleidomastoid 


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