A Comparative Study of Type-I Underlay Tympanoplasty with Temporalis Fascia Graft Alone and with Conchal Cartilage

  • Vinson Louis Gonzaga FernandesEmail author
  • H. C. Goel
  • Ehrlson De Sousa
  • Nina Margarida De Gouveia Pinto
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Tympanoplasty which is the repair of the tympanic membrane using temporalis fascia, has been done worldwide and has stood the test of time. However in cases of reperforation or large/subtotal perforations, we are often left in need of some sturdy material for grafting. To compare the graft uptake and hearing improvement in patients undergoing type I tympanoplasty using temporalis fascia alone and temporalis fascia along with conchal cartilage. The current research is a prospective study of 60 patients with chronic suppurative otitis media (Tubo tympanic type), undergoing type I tympanoplasty, using temporalis fascia alone and temporalis fascia along with conchal cartilage. The graft uptake and hearing improvement was much better using temporalis fascia along with conchal cartilage graft as compared to cartilage alone. The use of temporalis fascia along with conchal cartilage graft is beneficial for patients with chronic suppurative otitis media (tubotympanic type) undergoing type I tympanoplasty than using temporalis fascia alone.


Tympanoplasty Temporalis fascia Conchal cartilage graft Perforations Hearing 


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