A Study on Neck Nodes in Oral Cancers, with Special Reference to Skip Metastasis

  • Shikharani PatelEmail author
  • Ishwar Singh
  • Achal Gulati
  • Nita Khurana
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To analyse the distribution of Neck metastases (NM) and to study frequency of skip metastases in oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of oral cavity. From September 2012 to April 2013, 30 previously untreated patients with SCC of oral cavity underwent primary surgical treatment in our institution. From pathological report of Neck dissection specimen prevalence and distribution of NM were ascertained. All patients were classified according to American Joint Committee on Cancer 2005 TNM classification. Overall frequency of NM was 36.7%. Frequency of occult metastases was 33.3%. N+ metastases found in 37% cases. The overall frequency of NM in level IV and V was 9.5%. Isolated level III involvement was found in 3.3%. No isolated level IV and V involvement was found. Skip metastases to level III LN was 6.7%. We did not find any skip metastases to level IV in our study. Neck nodes at greater risk for metastases were level I and II (50 and 28.6%). Level III (11.9%), IV (7.14%), V (2.38%). The risk of skip metastases to level IV was nil in our study.


Oral cavity Squamous cell carcinoma Lymph nodes Skip metastasis 


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