Management of Unstable Middle Turbinate in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

  • Chetan BansalEmail author
  • V. P. Singh
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To propose a simple technique for preservation, medialization and stabilization of the middle turbinate through a planned medial synechiae formation using suction electrocautery between middle turbinate and nasal septum. Study design is Case series. 150 cases of chronic rhino sinusitis who underwent ESS were selected and stabilization of the middle turbinate through a planned medial synechiae formation using suction electrocautery was done as last step and results studied. Adequate medialization was achieved in 141 cases with 94% success rate. This technique of medialization of middle turbinate through a planned medial synechiae formation using cautery between middle turbinate and nasal septum is simple, quick to perform, do not require any special or costly instrument, do not require any special training and thus can be easily done by beginners also and most importantly with good success rate and surgery outcome.


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