Bifid Inferior Turbinate: A Prospective Study

  • M. S. Vijayashre
  • B. ViswanathaEmail author
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With the wide spread use of nasal endoscopes and paranasal sinus computed tomography, many variations of nasal turbinates has been described. Bifid inferior turbinate was initially described by Aksungur et al. and very few cases of bifid inferior turbinate have been reported in the literature. Bifid inferior turbinate is a very rarely encountered anomaly and can be easily recognized in paranasal tomography but can be overlooked by endoscopic examination. In the present study 1000 patients with sinonasal disease who underwent nasal endoscopy, were evaluated for rare inferior nasal turbinate anomalies. There were five patients with bifid inferior turbinate. This is the first prospective study on bifid inferior turbinates.


Inferior Bifid Turbinate 


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