Osteomas of Temporal Bone: A Retrospective Study

  • S. Abhilasha
  • B. ViswanathaEmail author
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Osteomas of temporal bone are rare, slow growing benign tumours and they are reported in all parts of temporal bone. This study is a retrospective study of the clinical presentation, management and complications of temporal bone osteoma done from January 1999 through January 2017. The study population is thirteen patients, all who has been radiologically and histopathologically proven to be a case of osteoma. Total number of patients were 13 of which 7 were females and rest 6 were male. Presenting complaints included swelling behind the ear (6 cases), reduced hearing in 4 cases, 2 cases had ear discharge, 3 of them were asymptomatic in whom it was diagnosed accidently. The duration of symptoms ranged from 1 month to 10 years. Of total 13 patients 7 had external auditory canal involvement and 4 cases had mastoid region. Two patients were managed conservatively, one refused surgery and rest ten cases underwent excision. The specimen was sent for histopathological examination and diagnosis of osteoma was confirmed. The decision regarding whether to operate or not depends on each case depending on its size, symptoms and more importantly the complications. Excision of osteoma remains the treatment of choice.


Osteoma Temporal bone 


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