The Rosai–Dorfman Disease: A Differential Diagnosis in Cervical Swelling

  • Ashutosh SinghEmail author
  • Surendra Kumar Kanaujiya
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Rosai–Dorfman disease also known as sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy is a rare benign disorder of unknown etiology. It is a benign condition which causes significant cervical lymphadenopathy in children and young adults. These cases are frequently misdiagnosed as lymphoma, and thus it is important to distinguish Rosai–Dorfman disease from other causes of neck swelling because of different treatment modalities. We report here a case of Rosai–Dorfman disease presenting with massive right cervical lymphadenopathy.


Massive lymphadenopathy Rosai–Dorfman disease Sinus histiocytosis 


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