A Case of Myoepithelioma of the Nasal Cavity

  • D. RameshEmail author
  • G. C. Khong
  • V. Sumathi
Clinical Report


Myoepithelioma is a rare tumour of the salivary glands. Only 3 cases of myoepithelioma in the nasal cavity have been reported. A 29 year old male presented to us with epistaxis and nasal obstruction. There was a fleshy mass occupying the right middle meatus. Biopsy showed evidence of myoepithelioma and an endoscopic excision of the tumour was done. Histopathological examination of the resected tumour was consistent with myoepithelioma. Due to its rarity, the nature of the tumour is not known and regular follow-ups are needed for early detection of recurrence and malignancy.


Myoepithelioma Nasal cavity Salivary gland Endoscopic surgery 


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