Tongue Base Schwannoma

  • Swati TandonEmail author
  • Ravi Meher
  • Aditi Chopra
  • Anoop Raj
  • Vikram Wadhwa
  • Nidhi Mahajan
  • Avani Jain
Clinical Report


Intraoral schwannomas account for 1% of head and neck schwannoma, with tongue base schwannoma being reported rarely. In an English literature search from 1988 to 2014, not more than 38 cases of tongue base schwannoma have been reported. Large tongue base schwannomas pose a significant risk to airway, thereby calling for an early intervention. We report a rare case of tongue base schwannoma in a 25 year old female managed surgically by lateral pharyngotomy approach.


Schwanomma Tongue base Lateral pharyngotomy 


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  • Vikram Wadhwa
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  • Nidhi Mahajan
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  • Avani Jain
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