A comparative study of endoscope assisted myringoplasty and micrsoscope assisted myringoplasty

  • A. S. HarugopEmail author
  • R. S. Mudhol
  • R. A. Godhi
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To determine the advantages and disadvantages of the endoscope as compared to the microscope in myringoplasty surgery and to compare the results of both groups.


Between January 2003 and September 2006, 100 patients underwent myringoplasty, 50 were endoscope assisted and 50 were microscope assisted. Results of surgery were compared at the end of six months post operation.


In the endopscope group 82% of patients had a successful outcome and in the microscope group 86% of patients had a successful outcome.


In myringoplasty surgery the endoscope has several advantages and a few disadvantages. The surgical outcome of endoscope assisted myringoplasty was comparable to the conventional microscope assisted myringoplasty, but in terms of cosmesis and post operative recovery patients in the endoscope group had better results.


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