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Book Review - Baby Boomers: Time and Ageing Bodies, by Naomi Woodspring

Policy Press, Bristol 2016 £70.00 Hardback ISBN: 978–1–4473-1877-4
  • Francesca GhillaniEmail author

Baby boomers have been at the centre of many studies over the past few years, as a cohort of large demographic size and unique historical positioning. In particular, now that baby boomers have reached later life, they are a preferred subject of studies in the field of ageing. In this book, Dr Naomi Woodspring, herself a member of this cohort, takes an innovative viewpoint using baby boomers and their life stories to shed light on the significance of time and the body in the creation of identity.

Gregory Bateson’s (1972) system thinking is used in the book to explore the relationships that exist between notions of time, body and identity. Indeed, Woodspring is mostly concerned not with the three separate concepts, but with their relationship and connections that create patterns of meaning. The author openly aims at avoiding presentism, defined as the conceptual line that divides the “old” and the “new”, in favour of an approach that understands time as a continuum, a flow where past,...


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