Book Review: Why Demography Matters, Danny Dorling and Stuart Gietel-Basten. Published by Policy Press 2018

  • William H. M. JamesEmail author

In this book, Dorling and Gietel-Basten explore the demography behind some of the most contentious aspects of the twenty-first century, with topics ranging from Brexit and the Trump administration to malaria prevention, the dementia epidemic and even eugenics. For some, this may appear slightly overwhelming for a book of 260 pages and nine chapters. However, the authors accomplish the task admirably, combining expert opinion with a range of carefully selected case studies to give the reader an informative and interesting guide to the field of demography. The writing throughout the book should be accessible to any reader with a basic understanding of the principles of demography, politics and current affairs. Those with an in depth understanding of demography will also find the book useful, with references throughout covering specific subjects and more technical elements. Whilst covering a wide range of topics, readers with an environmental or physical sciences background may be...



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