Abstracts of the 65th Annual Conference of IACTS, February 2019


Impact of the intraoperative use of fibrinogen concentrate for hypofibrinogenemia during aortic surgery

Akihiko Usui, Toshihiko Nishi


Hypofibrinogenemia is a major factor for coagulopathy in aortic surgery and prediction of hypofibrinogenemia at the termination of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) is essential for preparation of blood transfusion. The effectiveness of fibrinogen concentrate for hypofibrinogenemia also has to be clarified. We examined incidence and risk factor of hypofibrinogenemia and efficacy of fibrinogen concentrate in our experiences. Retrospective survey was performed on consecutive 268 patients undergoing aortic surgery at our institution from 2013 to 2016. The mean age was 66.0±13.7 years. The perioperative serum fibrinogen level (SFL) had routinely been measured. Fibrinogen concentrate was principally used for hypofibrinogenemia (<150 mg/dl of SFL) at CPB termination. Logistic regression analysis was performed to analyze the risk factor of...


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