External iliac vein aneurysm due to arteriovenous fistula between popliteal artery and popliteal vein-a rare entity

  • Zubair Ahmad
  • Sadia Shabir
  • Mohd IlyasEmail author
  • Tariq Gojwari
A 40-year old male presented with the complaints of progressive swelling in the hypogastrium for 6 months. There was history of dark pigmentation of the skin around the ankle and a non-healing ulcer at the same site. There was history of progressive increase in the girth of left lower limb. There was no history of previous trauma. Clinical examination revealed multiple varicosities along the course of great saphenous vein. A palpable pelvic mass with palpable femoral artery thrill. A loud bruit was auscultable in the popliteal fossa and left inguinal area. Computed tomographic (CT) angiography of lower abdomen and lower limb vessels was done using 64-slice Somatom Sensation-64 (Siemens Healthcare, Germany). The study revealed a large sized arteriovenous fistula between popliteal artery and popliteal vein in the left popliteal fossa (Fig.  1). There was marked dilatation of left popliteal vein and left femoral vein due to high-pressure transmission from the popliteal artery with...


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