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Cooling of fermionic \(^{83}\hbox {Kr}\) and bosonic \(^{84}\hbox {Kr}\) isotopes in a magneto-optical trap

  • S SinghEmail author
  • V B Tiwari
  • S R Mishra


Simultaneous laser cooling of two isotopes of krypton, \(^{83}\hbox {Kr}\) and \(^{84}\hbox {Kr}\), is reported here in a two-isotope magneto-optical trap (TIMOT). The number of cold metastable \(^{83}\hbox {Kr}\) atoms in this TIMOT is dependent on the power of the repumping laser beams used, which is maximised for our set-up by varying the powers of repumping lasers. These studies may be useful to investigate cold collisions between fermionic \(^{83}\hbox {Kr}\) and bosonic \(^{84}\hbox {Kr}\) atoms in the metastable state.


Metastable Kr atoms laser cooling magneto-optical trap 


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  1. 1.Laser Physics Applications Section, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced TechnologyIndoreIndia

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