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An efficient technique for a fractional-order system of equations describing the unsteady flow of a polytropic gas

  • P Veeresha
  • D G PrakashaEmail author
  • Haci Mehmet Baskonus


In the present investigation, the q-homotopy analysis transform method (q-HATM) is applied to find approximated analytical solution for the system of fractional differential equations describing the unsteady flow of a polytropic gas. Numerical simulation has been conducted to prove that the proposed technique is reliable and accurate, and the outcomes are revealed using plots and tables. The comparison between the obtained solutions and the exact solutions shows that the proposed method is efficient and effective in solving nonlinear complex problems. Moreover, the proposed algorithm controls and manipulates the obtained series solution in a huge acceptable region in an extreme manner and it provides us a simple procedure to control and adjust the convergence region of the series solution.


q-Homotopy analysis transform method polytropic gas Laplace transform 


02.60.–Cb 02.60.–x 05.45.Df 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsKarnatak UniversityDharwadIndia
  2. 2. Department of Mathematics, Faculty of ScienceDavangere UniversityShivagangothriIndia
  3. 3.Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Faculty of EducationHarran UniversityŞanliurfaTurkey

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