, Volume 68, Issue 4, pp 631–648

Application of inertia-induced excitation theory for nonlinear acoustic modes in colloidal plasma equilibrium flow

  • P K Karmakar


Application of inertia-induced acoustic excitation theory offers a new resonant excitation source channel of acoustic turbulence in the transonic domain of plasma flow. In bi-ion plasmas like colloidal plasma, two well-defined transonic points exist corresponding to the parent ion and the dust grain-associated acoustic modes. As usual, the modified ion acoustic mode (also known as dust ion-acoustic (DIA) wave) dynamics associated with parent ion inertia is excitable for both nanoscale-and micronscale-sized dust grains. It is found that the so-called (ion) acoustic mode (also known as dust-acoustic (DA) wave) associated with nanoscale dust grain inertia is indeed resonantly excitable through the active role of weak but finite parent ion inertia. It is interestingly conjectured that the same excitation physics, as in the case of normal plasma sound mode, operates through the active inertial role of plasma thermal species. Details of the nonlinear acoustic mode analyses of current interest in transonic domains of such impure plasmas in hydrodynamic flow are presented.


Dust-acoustic (DA) wave dust ion-acoustic (DIA) wave constant dust charge model d-KdV equation colloidal plasma fluids dusty plasma complex plasma transonic plasma fluid acoustic modes acoustic turbulence acoustic fluctuations 


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© Indian Academy of Sciences 2007

Authors and Affiliations

  • P K Karmakar
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of PhysicsTezpur UniversityNapaamIndia

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