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Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for Dysoxylum binectariferum, a medicinally important tree species in Western Ghats, India

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Dysoxylum binectariferum Hook.f (Meliaceae) is a medicinally important medium to large-sized tree species found in tropical and subtropical regions. This species is distributed in the Western Ghats of southern India and is well known for its wood (Rao et al.1961). It has gained considerable interest in recent years because of the pharmacologically important compound rohitukine and its derivative flavopiridol. Rohitukine, a chromane alkaloid, is reported to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-fertility, anti-implantation, anti-cancer and immuno-modulatory properties (Naik et al.1988; Carlson et al.1996; Sedlacek et al.1996; Mohanakumara et al.2010). Dysobinin, the other chemical compound isolated from fruits of this tree is also reported to exhibit significant central nervous system depressant action and mild anti-inflammatory activity (Singh et al.1976). The bark is also reported to be used for the treatment of leprosy and foul ulcers (Jain and DeFilipps 1991).

This species is...


microsatellite medicinal plant cross-species amplification Meliaceae Dysoxylum binectariferum 



This work was funded by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India.


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