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Evidence of Archaean metamorphism from the Yerrabali schist belt of Eastern Dharwar craton from EPMA dating of monazite

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The Dharwar craton is divided in to the Western and Eastern Dharwar craton (WDC and EDC) by the N–S trending Chitradurga Shear zone. The EDC mainly consists of late Archean granites interspersed with N–S trending linear schist belts. The Yerrabali Schst belt (YSB) is located at the north-eastern corner of the EDC, near the Karimnagar granulite belt. The YSB is metamorphosed in middle-upper amphibolite facies and consists of Banded Magnetite Quartzite (BMQ), ferruginous quartzite, ultramafics, quartz–cordierite–gedrite ± garnet bearing quartzite, dolomite, amphibolite, deformed meta-pyroxenite, tremolite schist, sillimanite–garnet–cordierite schist, and dolerite dykes. We have dated monazites in the sillimanite–garnet–cordierite schist, exposed at the SW part of the YSB by EPMA chemical method. So far no dates are available from the YSB. The monazite chemical ages with three distinct populations, viz., 2658 ± 42, 2817 ± 19 and 3097 ± 34 Ma, probably correspond to three distinct metamorphic phases. The peak metamorphism at around 2800 Ma corresponds with the garnet and cordierite growth. A temperature of 673°C and a pressure of 4.7 kb have been estimated for peak metamorphism.

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It is indeed a pleasing privilege for the authors to express their profound gratefulness to Shri P A Ramesh Babu, then-Deputy Director General, SU: AP, GSI, SR, Hyderabad, for his sustained interest, warm encouragement and valuable suggestions. The authors are indebted to EPMA Laboratory, GSI, CHQ, Kolkata, for providing high quality EPMA data. The authors acknowledge Dr. S Ravi (then-project director) for his insurmountable enthusiasm, expert supervision and excellent guidance.

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  • Yerrabali schist belt
  • monazite dating
  • Eastern Dharwar craton
  • EPMA chemical dating