Multistage gedrite in gedrite–hypersthene-bearing high-grade granulites from Daltonganj, Chhotanagpur granite–gneissic complex, Jharkhand, as evident from TEM and textural relations

  • S B DwivediEmail author
  • Ravi Ranjan Kumar
  • Manish Srivastava


The studied rock consists of mineral phases garnet–cordierite–gedrite–hypersthene–biotite–quartz and lies nearly 14 km southwest of Daltonganj in the western part of Chhotanagpur granite–gneissic complex. Textural relations of mineral phases, mineral chemistry and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analyses of the rock samples suggest the early (gedrite1), middle (gedrite2) and late stages (gedrite3) formation of gedrite. Hypersthene appears through the metamorphic reaction gedrite \(+\) quartz \(=\) orthopyroxene \(+\) garnet \(+\) cordierite \(+ \,\hbox {H}_{2}\)O due to the breakdown of gedrite3 at the thermal peak of 869\(^{^{\circ }}\)C/7.79 kbar. The bundles, prismatic and fibrous forms of three gedrites have been observed in the TEM images. TEM images and selected area electron diffraction patterns show the distribution of metallic element position at the different lattice site. The PT estimates of the rock from garnet–orthopyroxene, garnet–cordierite and garnet–biotite exchange geothermometers and garnet–sillimanite–cordierite–quartz geobarometers vary from 775\(^{\circ }\) to 869\(^{\circ }\)C, 642\(^{\circ }\) to 703\(^{\circ }\)C, 480\(^{\circ }\) to 617\(^{\circ }\)C and 6.76 to 7.79 kbar, respectively.


Hypersthene-bearing gneiss thermal peak TEM metamorphism and PT condition 



We are thankful to the Director, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), for providing the facility to do the analytical works at the Central Instrumental Facility of the Institute. We appreciate the constructive comments of unanimous reviewer to improve the paper.


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  • Ravi Ranjan Kumar
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  • Manish Srivastava
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