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Highly efficient hydrotalcite supported palladium catalyst for hydrodechlorination of 1, 2, 4-tri chlorobenzene: Influence of Pd loading

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The influence of Pd loading was studied for the gas phase catalytic hydrodechlorination of 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene over Pd supported on Mg-Al mixed oxide support with Mg:Al ratio 2:1. The Mg-Al support was prepared from hydrotalcite precursor. A series of catalysts was prepared with different loadings of Pd (1–6 wt%) on Mg-Al mixed oxide support. The performance of catalytic material was evaluated at different temperatures ranging from 425–575K. The fresh and used catalysts were characterized with different analytical techniques such as BET surface area, X-ray diffraction studies, Temperature programmed reduction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and CO-chemisorption studies. H2-Temperature programmed desorption studies was also performed to understand the metal-support interaction and suitable active sites. The 4wt% of Pd on Mg-Al mixed oxide catalyst showed the highest conversion and selectivity among all catalysts and maintained steady activity with 10 h of time-on-stream studies. The main reasons for high activity are suitable metal-support interactions, Pd particle size, high surface area, and high surface Pd atomic concentration.

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The influence of Pd loading was studied for gas phase catalytic hydrodechlorination of 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene over Pd supported on Mg-Al mixed oxide support with Mg:Al ratio 2:1. The different Pd-loadings in catalyst was studied for hydrodechlorination. The 4wt% of Pd on Mg-Al mixed oxide catalyst showed the highest performance among all the catalysts.

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The funding for this research was supported by Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, under the Grant No. (D-109-135-1439). The authors thank the DSR for technical and financial support.

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Correspondence to Arshid M Ali or Seetharamulu Podila.

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  • Chloro-organic compounds
  • Mg-Al mixed oxide
  • Metal-support interaction