Influence of \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\) structural properties on photocatalytic hydrogen gas production

  • Hasliza BahrujiEmail author
  • Michael Bowker
  • Philip R Davies
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A range of commercially produced \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\) was deposited with Pd nanoparticles and the activities of the anaerobic, ambient temperature photocatalytic hydrogen production from water-methanol mixture were evaluated. The photocatalytic reactions were carried out in the liquid and gas phase conditions with the rate of hydrogen evolutions were higher was when in the gas phase. The \(\hbox {Pd}/\hbox {TiO}_{2}\) catalysts were characterised using XRD, \(\hbox {N}_{2}\) adsorption, infrared and XPS in order to investigate the influence of structural properties of \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\) in determining photocatalytic activity. A positive relationship was established in the rate of hydrogen production from the gas and liquid phase conditions with the size of crystallite \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\). Analysis of the surface properties of \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\) using XPS shows the presence of surface hydroxyl that also influenced the photocatalytic activity of \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\).

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SYNOPSIS: All of the \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\) produced hydrogen with the rate of hydrogen production was higher in the gas phase condition. The activities of the catalysts were correlated to the size of the \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\) crystallite and the presence of surface hydroxyl on the surface, despite being randomly obtained commercially. The photocatalytic activity of \(\hbox {TiO}_{2}\) was associated with the rapid migration of the charge carriers to the surface and the rate of charge recombination.


Photocatalysis; hydrogen production; methanol; alcohol reforming; titania-Pd catalysts 


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