Investigations on the reactivity of arylantimony halides with N,O-donor ligands

  • Pilli V V N Kishore
  • Junaid Ali
  • Gujju Narasimhulu
  • Viswanathan BaskarEmail author
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The reactions of organoantimony(V) halides with N,O-donor ligands in presence of a base were investigated. The synthesis and crystal structure of three novel organoantimony(V) compounds \((\hbox {Ph}_{2}\hbox {Sb})_{2}(\hbox {Q})_{2}(\hbox {O})_{2}\) 1, (\(\hbox {Ph}_{3}\hbox {Sb}\))(PM)Cl 2 and (\(\hbox {Ph}_{2}\hbox {Sb}\))(TEA) 3 [where \(\hbox {Q} = \hbox {8-hydroxyquinoline}\), \(\hbox {PM} = \hbox {2-pyridinemethanol}\) and \(\hbox {TEA} = \hbox {triethanolamine}\)] are reported herein. 1 crystallizes as a dimer resulting in the formation of a four-membered \(\hbox {Sb}_{2}\hbox {O}_{2}\) ring while 2 and 3 are monomeric in the solid state. Interestingly, compound 3 crystallizes in orthorhombic chiral space group \(P2_{1}2_{1}2_{1}\) and is a rare example of spontaneous chirality exhibited in organoantimony(V) compounds.

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SYNOPSIS Herein we report the synthesis and structural characterization of three organoantimony(V) complexes supported by O,N donor ligands.


Organoantimony(V)  compounds N, O-donor ligands \(\hbox {Sb}_{2}\hbox {O}_{2}\) ring structural elucidation spontaneous chirality 



V.B. thanks DST for funding under the SERC-Fast track Scheme. P.V.V.N.K. thanks CSIR for a Fellowship.

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