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Edwardsiellosis in fish: a brief review

  • B. R. Mohanty
  • P. K. SahooEmail author


Edwardsiellosis is one of the most important bacterial diseases in fish. Scientific work on this disease started more than forty years ago and numerous workers around the world are continually adding to the knowledge of the disease. In spite of this, not a single article that reviews the enormous scientific data thus generated is available in the English language. This article briefly discusses some of the recent research on edwardsiellosis, describing the pathogen’s interaction with the host and environment, its pathogenesis and pathology as well as diagnostic, preventive and control measures.


Bacterial disease Edwardsiella tarda edwardsiellosis fish 

Abbreviations used


extracellular protein


emphysematous putrefactive disease of catfish


fluorescence in situ hybridization


green fluorescent protein


high performance capillary electrophoresis


loop-mediated isothermal amplification


outer membrane protein


polymerase chain reaction


restriction fragment length polymorphism


type III secretion system


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  1. 1.Central Institute of Freshwater AquacultureKausalyaganga, BhubaneswarIndia

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