Parameterization of non-canonical model of the exponential harmonic field

  • A. D. KanfonEmail author
  • F. Mavoa


In this work we have proposed a non-canonical model of exponential harmonic field as dark energy in FRW universe. In this context, we have studied the inflationnary parameters in presence of power law potential. The analysis showed that observational data have been confirmed for quadratic and cubic potentials. In addition, deceleration parameter have been examined by associating to that dark energy, gas of Chaplygin as dark matter; three types of parametrisation have been considered in this case. The behaviors of deceleration parameter show transition from positive values to negative values, which would show that recent accelerated phase of the universe was preceded by a deceleration phase.


Non-canonic scalar field inflation parametrization Chaplygin gaz 


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  1. 1.International Chair of Mathematical Physics and Application (ICMPA)University of Abomey-CalaviAbomey-CalaviBenin
  2. 2.Physics DepartmentUniversity of Abomey-CalaviAbomey-CalaviBenin

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