Colloidally synthesized defect-rich \(\hbox {MoSe}_{2}\) nanosheets for superior catalytic activity

  • Md Samim Hassan
  • Atanu Jana
  • Soniya Gahlawat
  • Nimai Bhandary
  • Susnata Bera
  • Pravin P Ingole
  • Sameer SapraEmail author


Transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) nanosheets (NSs) with defect-rich and vertically aligned edges are highly advantageous for various catalytic applications. However, colloidal synthesis of defect-rich NSs with thickness variation has been a challenging task. Here, we report a colloidal synthesis of \(\hbox {2H-MoSe}_{2}\) NSs having a large number of defects and vertically aligned edges, where the thickness is varied by changing the amount of coordinating solvent. The Se-vacancies in these NSs have introduced defect sites which are corroborated by the presence of additional vibration modes in Raman spectra. These NSs exhibit electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction performances with a low overpotential (210–225 mV) at \(10\,\hbox {mA}\,\hbox {cm}^{-2}\) current density and a small Tafel slope (54–68 mV per decade). Moreover, these \(\hbox {MoSe}_{2}\) NSs are also employed as counter electrodes (CEs) for the fabrication of dye sensitized solar cells via a cost-effective and simplified procedure. The power conversion efficiencies of \(7.02 \pm 0.18\%\), comparable with Pt CE (\(7.84 \pm 0.10\%\)) could be routinely achieved. These results demonstrate a novel synthetic strategy to prepare layered TMDs with superior catalytic applications.


Transition metal dichalcogenides \(\hbox {MoSe}_{2}\) nanosheets hydrogen evolution reaction dye sensitized solar cells counter electrode 



MSH acknowledges UGC for financial support. AJ acknowledges DST-SERB for RA funding. We are grateful to Dr Nirat Ray and AIRF, JNU for the HRTEM images. SS acknowledges DST CERI Grant No. DST/TMD/CERI/C166(G) for partial financial assistance and Central Research Facility, IIT Delhi for instrument facilities. SB acknowledges the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), India for the financial support (Project No. PDF/2016/001182).

Supplementary material

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© Indian Academy of Sciences 2019

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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryIndian Institute of Technology DelhiNew DelhiIndia

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