Graphene quantum dots as a green photosensitizer with carbon-doped ZnO nanorods for quantum-dot-sensitized solar cell applications

  • Tanmoy Majumder
  • Suvra Prakash MondalEmail author


Graphene quantum dots (GQDs), N-doped GQDs (NGQDs) and S, N co-doped GQDs (SNGQDs) were synthesized using hydrothermal methods. All GQDs were attached with carbon-doped ZnO nanorods (C-ZnO NRs) grown on fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO)-coated glass substrates, for the fabrication of metal-free eco-friendly quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells (QDSSCs). SNGQD-decorated nanorod-based solar cells demonstrated maximum open circuit voltage (\(V_{\mathrm{OC}}\sim 360\) mV), short circuit current (\(J_{\mathrm{SC}}\sim 1.84\) mA \(\hbox {cm}^{-2})\) and power conversion efficiency ( \(\eta \sim 0.293\)%) compared to other devices.





This research work was funded by CSIR Extramural Research Grant, Government of India.


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Copyright information

© Indian Academy of Sciences 2019

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of PhysicsNational Institute of TechnologyAgartalaIndia

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