Tunable optical and dielectric properties of polymeric composite materials based on magneso-silicate

  • M M Abou-Mesalam
  • M R Abass
  • A B Ibrahim
  • A M ElsemanEmail author
  • A M Hassan


Magneso-silicate (MgSi) as an inorganic ion exchange material was synthesized by a precipitation technique. Then, the MgSi was impregnated into polyacrylamide acrylic acid and its composites (Poly) by condensation polymerization. To study the effect of \(\upgamma \)-radiation, the polyacrylamide acrylic acid and its MgSi samples were synthesized using \(\upgamma \)-irradiating systems at 25, 65 and 90 kGy. The variations in the radiation dose and amorphous structure were altered and confirmed by X-ray diffraction (XRD). Moreover, the absorbance and band-gap energy were enhanced by inserting MgSi into the polymeric composites (Poly). Furthermore, variations in temperature with dielectric constant, dielectric loss and conductivity of the samples at various frequencies from 100, 500, 1000, 2000 to 4000 Hz have been explained.


Magneso-silicate polymeric composites dielectric properties radiation 



The authors would like to extend their sincere appreciation to Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute, Egypt for its financial support to pursue this work.


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Copyright information

© Indian Academy of Sciences 2019

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Atomic Energy AuthorityHot Labs CentreCairoEgypt
  2. 2.Advanced Materials Division, Electronic and Magnetic Materials DepartmentCentral Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI)HelwanEgypt
  3. 3.State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy SourcesNorth China Electric Power UniversityBeijingPeople’s Republic of China
  4. 4.Chemistry Department, Faculty of ScienceAl-Azhar UniversityNasr CityEgypt

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