Fabrication of organic light-emitting diode using molybdenum trioxide interlayer between electrode and organic interface

  • Dhrubajyoti SaikiaEmail author
  • Ranjit Sarma


In this study, high-performance of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) with a buffer layer of \(\hbox {MoO}_{3}\) is demonstrated. With an optimal thickness of \(\hbox {MoO}_{3}\) (12 nm), the luminance efficiency is found to be increased compared to the single layer anode OLED. To study the influence of \(\mathrm{MoO}_3\) buffer layer on OLED performance, we deposited \(\hbox {MoO}_{3}\) films with different thicknesses on the fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) surface and studied J–V and L–V characteristics of the OLED devices. Also, further analysis was carried out by measuring sheet resistance, optical transmittance and surface morphology with the FESEM images. Here, we found that \(\hbox {MoO}_{3}\) (12 nm) buffer layer is a good choice to increase the efficiency of FTO-based OLED devices within the tunnelling region. Here, the maximum value of current efficiency is 6.15 cd \(\hbox {A}^{-1}\).


Hole-injection layer OLED surface resistance optical transmittance FESEM 


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