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A 1 V supercapacitor device with nanostructured graphene oxide/polyaniline composite materials

  • ANJAN BANERJEEEmail author


Polyaniline and graphene oxide composite on activated carbon cum reduced graphene oxide-supported supercapacitor electrodes are fabricated and electrochemically characterized in a three-electrode cell assembly. Attractive supercapacitor performance, namely high-power capability and cycling stability for graphene oxide/polyaniline composite, is observed owing to the layered and porous-polymeric-structured electrodes. Based on the materials characterization data in a three-electrode cell assembly, 1 V supercapacitor devices are developed and performance tested. A comparative study has also been conducted for polyaniline and graphene oxide/polyaniline composite-based 1 V supercapacitors for comprehending the synergic effect of graphene oxide and polyaniline. Graphene oxide/polyaniline composite-based capacitor that exhibits about 100 F g−1 specific capacitance with faradaic efficiency in excess of 90% has its energy and power density values of 14 Wh kg−1 and 72 kW kg−1, respectively. Cycle-life data for over 1000 cycles reflect 10% capacitance degradation for graphene oxide/polyaniline composite supercapacitor.


Supercapacitor pseudocapacitance polyaniline graphene oxide cycling stability 



We are grateful to the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, for financial support. Deepak Kumar thanks University Grant Commission, New Delhi, for Dr D S Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship (F.4-2/2006 (BSR)/13-899/2013).

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