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Growth, optical, thermal and mechanical characterization of an organic crystal: Brucinium 5-sulfosalicylate trihydrate

  • G ANBALAGANEmail author


Single crystals of Brucinium 5-sulfosalicylate trihydrate (B5ST) were grown from ethanol–water (1:1) mixed solvent by the slow solvent evaporation method. X-ray powder diffraction analysis reveals that the crystal belongs to orthorhombic system with space group P212121. The various reflections were indexed and the lattice parameters were calculated. Photoluminescence (PL) shows peaks corresponding to protonation of the amino group. The optical absorption spectrum shows that the crystal has 90% transmittance in the visible region with a lower cut-off wavelength of 312 nm. Thermal analysis performed on the grown crystal indicates the thermal stability of the crystal and various thermodynamical parameters were calculated from the thermogravimetry (TG) data. The mechanical properties like Vickers microhardness number (H v), stiffness constant (C 11) and yield strength (σ v) of the crystal were estimated by Vickers hardness test.


Growth from solution X-ray diffraction organic compounds optical properties 


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