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National court review in environmental matters: part of the problem or part of the solution?

  • Matthias KellerEmail author


This article constitutes a report on problems that may typically arise for domestic legal practitioners when they are called upon to apply EU environmental law. Strict standing requirements in some countries of Central Europe are mentioned. German Schutznormtheorie is explained and criticised. The ongoing problem of direct access to justice so as to challenge plans and programmes is described. Consistent interpretation in the light of the Aarhus Convention and/or relevant European Union law is presented as a solution. The example of Sweden and Italy shows that the European Union has a remarkable diversity of different systems when it comes to administrative justice. One important issue when it comes to the implementation of European Union law is whether the national administrative judge may carry out an ex officio review of the relevant law or is bound by the grounds of the appeal.


Environmental law Actio popularis Aarhus Convention EIA Directive SEA Directive 



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