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Come on, let’s make a plan—towards an 8th EU environmental action programme

  • Ludwig Krämer

Environmental action programmes at EU level

Article 192(3) TFEU provides for the adoption of general EU environmental action programmes “setting out the priorities to be attained”. Such environmental action programmes (EAPs) were adopted at EU level since 1973.1 The environmental sector is thus the only sector of EU policy which worked throughout its existence—an environmental policy administration inside the EU Commission was established in 1973—with action programmes.2 The text of the present Article 192(3) TFEU was introduced into the EC Treaty in 1993; since then, the action programmes are adopted by decisions by the European Parliament and the Council.

Article 192(3) TFEU does not impose on the EU institutions the obligation to adopt general EAPs, but requires majority decisions, should such a programme be adopted. The following contribution will shortly retrace the activities under the 7th EAP which will expire at the end of 2020. It will then discuss, whether it is politically...


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  • Ludwig Krämer
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  1. 1.Derecho y Medio AmbienteMadridSpain

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