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Undertakings caught in the crossfire: US sanctions on Iran vs. the EU Blocking Regulation and possible compensation as State aid

  • Michael Jürgen WernerEmail author
  • Julia Kampouridi
  • Laura Ryzgelyte


This articles sets out the regimes applicable in the United States and the European Union in relation to trade with Iran, as a result of the USA’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and the EU’s response. These regimes create conflicting obligations on non-US undertakings. On this basis, it is possible to envisage that EU Member States would adopt measures to compensate undertakings for damages suffered as a result of continuing to trade with Iran. This article analyses whether this would fall foul of EU State aid rules and provides guidance regarding the design of any such schemes to prevent their prohibition thereunder.


US sanctions US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal EU State aid Compensation Exceptions EU Blocking Regulation 



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  • Michael Jürgen Werner
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    Email author
  • Julia Kampouridi
    • 1
  • Laura Ryzgelyte
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