Publisher Correction: A practical guide to placental examination for forensic pathologists

  • Namita Mittal
  • Roger W. Byard
  • Jane E. DahlstromEmail author
Publisher Correction

Publisher Correction: Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology

The Publisher would like to correct the introduced formatting errors caused by production on figures 16 and 23 of the original article. The errors are purely typesetting mistakes and the corrections made to the figures did not impact upon the veracity and content of the overall text of the article in any way.

1) In Figure 16, panel d was not captured in the final version.

2) In Figure 23, panel c was not captured in the final version.

The Publisher apologizes for the oversight and for any confusion it may have caused.

The original article has been corrected and the updated figures are shown below.

Fig. 16

Listeria monocytogenes. Mother presented at 30 weeks gestation with a fever of 38 °C. a Multiple abscesses evident within the placental parenchyma. b Acute chorioamnionitis (maternal inflammatory response grade 2, stage 3) (H&E, Original magnification ×200). c Two microabscesses (black arrows) at low power (H&E, Original magnification ×50) and high power (H&E, Original magnification ×400). d Gram stain demonstrated gram positive bacilli in the intervillous space and membranes (H&E, Original magnification ×1000)

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