Fatal bupropion overdose with post mortem blood concentrations

  • Henry A. SpillerEmail author
  • Edward Bottei
  • Linda Kalin
Case Report


We report five cases of fatal bupropion overdose with post mortem bupropion concentrations ranging from 3.1 to >20 mg/L. Four patients had ingested a sustained-release formulation of bupropion and had evidence of pill “bodies” in their stomach with significantly elevated blood bupropion concentrations. The pills found in these patients may represent the residual matrix/shell with significant portions of the actual bupropion released and absorbed by the patients.


Bupropion Overdose Postmortem Fatal Sustained-release formulation Forensic toxicology 


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  2. 2.Iowa Statewide Poison Control CenterSioux CityUSA

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