, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp 40–46

Osteoporosis in men: recent progress



As osteoporosis in men has been recognized as an important clinical problem, new information is being accumulated on its scope, pathophysiology, evaluation, and treatment. Fracture risk calculators, such as FRAX, identify a large proportion of the older male population to be at heightened risk for fracture. The classification of osteoporosis into primary and secondary forms, while still useful, is affected by the fact that many men have multiple contributing factors to their fracture risk. The role of sex steroids is being better defined as other risk factors for fracture are delineated. As longevity continues to increase in men and until osteoporotic fracture is truly recognized as a potentially fatal disorder, many men will be undiagnosed and untreated. Two recent studies provide more evidence that treatments which decrease fracture risk in women do the same in men. With the publication of guidelines and increasing strength of evidence for treatment efficacy, it is hoped that more men will be evaluated and treated for this often neglected disorder.


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