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Effect of High Fluorine on the Cell Cycle and Apoptosis of Renal Cells in Chickens

  • Caimin Bai
  • Tao Chen
  • Yun Cui
  • Tao Gong
  • Xi Peng
  • Heng-min Cui


The experiment was conducted with the objective of evaluating the effect of dietary high fluorine (F) on cell cycle and apoptosis of kidney in chickens by the methods of flow cytometry. Three hundred 1-day-old Avian broilers were divided into four groups and fed on control diet (F 23 mg/kg) and high F diets (400 mg/kg, high F group I; 800 mg/kg, high F group II; 1,200 mg/kg, high F group III) for 6 weeks. As tested by flow cytometry, the percentage of renal cell apoptosis was increased with increasing of dietary F, and it obviously rose in three high F groups when compared with that of control group. Renal cells in G0/G1 phase were much higher, and renal cells in S phase, G2+M phase, and proliferation index value were much lower in high F groups I, II, and III than in control group. The results showed that excess dietary F in the range of 400–1,200 mg/kg caused G0/G1 arrest and increased cellular apoptosis in the kidney, which might finally interfere with the excretion and retention of fluoride in chickens.


Apoptosis Cell cycle Chicken Flow cytometry High fluorine Renal cells 



Propidium iodide

PI value

Proliferation index value


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  • Caimin Bai
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  • Tao Chen
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  • Yun Cui
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  • Tao Gong
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  • Xi Peng
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  • Heng-min Cui
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  1. 1.College of Veterinary MedicineSichuan Agricultural UniversityYa’anChina

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