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Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Using a Lab-on-a-Disc Device with Thin-film Phase Change Material

  • Junguk Ko
  • Jae-Chern YooEmail author


The design and fabrication of temperature measurement systems that facilitate successful realization of DNA amplification using a lab-on-a-disc (LOD) device are a highly challenging task. The major challenge lies in the fact that such a system must be directly attached to a heating chamber in a way that enables the accurate measurement of temperature of the chamber while allowing the LOD to rotate. This paper presents a temperature control system for implementing isothermal amplification of DNA samples using an LOD device. The proposed system utilizes a thin-film phase change material and non-contact heating system to remotely measure the actual temperature of the chamber and, if required, rapidly heat it to the desired temperature. The results of the experiments performed in this study demonstrate that the proposed system provides an automated platform for molecular amplification and exhibits an operational performance comparable to that of traditional microcentrifuge tube-based isothermal amplification systems.


Lab-on-a-disc POCT DNA amplification Centrifugal microfluidics Loop-mediated isothermal amplification 


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