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Design and sizing of battery system for electric yacht and ferry

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The need for Zero Emission and clean energy vessels has been a major importance in the recent years. The aim of the paper is to design and size the battery system for Luxury yachts and Ferries using the Li-ion battery technology. The evolution of the battery technology in the last decade made the yacht/ferry owners to implement the battery technology to the electric vessels. This paper discusses the step by step approach for the battery system arrangement, sizing of the battery racks, selection of the cooling systems for batteries, effect on stability, cost, safety and design life of the batteries.

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Energy storage system (kWh)


Depth of discharge (%)


Design life (years)


No. of trips per year


Capital expenditure


Operating expenditure


Lithium ion battery technology


US dollar


Battery management system


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Mikael Odland, Norwegian Electric Systems, 4th Jan 2019.

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Correspondence to Upendra Malla.

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