Integration of mechanical deformation and optical losses in the design of linear Fresnel solar collectors

  • Mehdi El AmineEmail author
  • Mohammed Sallaou
Original Paper


Increasing energy efficiency of concentrating solar power (CSP) is of great importance to accelerate the market penetration of these technologies. The design of CSP components must take into account manufacturing cost as well as energy efficiency. The present paper proposes a method to analyze optical efficiency of Linear Fresnel reflectors taking into account the environmental conditions present in the implantation site. The objective is to design Fresnel collector that combines a good optical efficiency with a low consumption of raw material during its manufacturing. The first step is to quantify the impact of external environment on the mechanical behavior of collector structure. The impact of wind action on collector structure is evaluated by the mean of an accurate fluid dynamics analysis. Ray tracing method is then used to quantify the optical performance of reflective mirrors taking in account the deformation of collector structure caused by wind action and other external loads. In order to illustrate the proposed method, many design solutions of collector were analyses in order to maximize the performances in terms of optical efficiency and structure weight. A preference-based multi-objective model is then used to synthesize the performances of each design solutions in a single value. This model is based on the use of desirability functions and an aggregation operator.


Concentrating solar power Linear Fresnel collector Optical losses Ray tracing method Collector deformation Collector design 



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